Happens every time


I can not understand why the snow removal from the highway in Iron County is so less effective then in Florence County, Wis., and Dickinson County.

I drive to work from Crystal Falls to Iron Mountain. On Friday at 11 a.m. the highway was horrible in Iron County.

The snow fall had pretty much stopped Thursday around 7 p.m. You would assume that would give plenty of time for safe passable roads before morning.

That was not the case. But when you finally make it to the top of the hill overlooking Bev’s Supper Club, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, 100 percent clear, only water on the roads of Florence County and it continued like that all the way to Iron Mountain.

Do the citizens of Iron County not deserve safe roads to travel on?

I can not understand what the problem is. This happens every time it snows. The people deserve an answer.

Mike McCarthy

Crystal Falls