A taste for violence


I’m assuming caregivers carefully checked their children’s candy bags bag in October for dangerous items.

What about their Christmas gifts? If we are going to protect our children from violence being done to them, we also need to protect them from becoming accustomed to violence, becoming anesthetized by violence.

Video games, music, movies and books that promote violence against others, law breaking, disrespect for life and authority as entertainment also create a mindset that makes these feel OK.

A little violence does not vaccinate children against violence. I fear it develops a taste for violence, makes it seem exciting and fun.

Learning to hunt for food, learning to defend life, law and order are a potentially appropriate use of gun games.

I urge caregivers to carefully check your child’s Christmas presents. Please return or discard (don’t donate them for other children) those that degrade moral values and human life.

Your choice today can make a big difference in the years to come.

Shirley Person

Iron Mountain