Stand up now and be heard


The Dickinson-Iron Community Services Agency, DICSA, Governing Board has scheduled their annual reorganization board meeting for Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013 at 10 a.m. at the Crystal Lake Senior Center at Iron Mountain, MI.

Two elected Iron County applicants will be appointed to this governing board to replace the two who have left due to Iron County election changes.

It would behoove the Senior Citizen Site Councils of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Alpha, and Amasa and all Iron County senior citizens who have any interest in the meals and benefits of the senior centers to get behind these elected Iron County applicants who have them and their senior citizen centers at heart.

If you want your centers in Iron County to be equal to the Norway, Iron Mountain, and Kingsford centers in Dickinson County you will stand up now and be heard. If not, you should do nothing and quit your complaining when DICSA shuts down your centers as they did to Alpha or cuts back on days of operation as they did to Iron River and Crystal Falls.

Would the editors of the Iron Mountain Daily News and the Iron County Reporter please publish this meeting notice A.S.A.P. so the Iron County senior citizens, taxpayers, voters, and citizens will have time to prepare for the meeting.

Gerald McCole