Jobs to Michigan


The poster child in Michigan that has controlled Michigan labor is nothing more than a paper dragon at best. Organized labor in Michigan has finally been given the blow that they rightfully deserved for the last 77 years, and they have been told to go to the back of the bus.

Their services are no longer desired in Michigan. Michigan Legislators made it clear that they are working for “We the People” and not the sinister and aggressive threats that have been demonstrated by union thugs and gangs in Lansing.

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Michigan, the birth place of the United Auto Workers, has been a political and ruthless monkey on the backs of the big three auto manufactures in downstate Michigan for seven decades.

November 6, 2012 was the presiding vote by “We the People.” Proposal

12-2, a proposal to amend the state constitution regarding collective bargaining, was the shot that was heard around the state of Michigan; the people have finally had enough of union insubordination and their unruly demands. The echoing sounds you hear in the background are other states in the union telling the unions to get lost.

U.S. Senator Carl Levin and other Democrats that come to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula once every 6 years, met with Rick Snyder on Monday (12/10/12) and urged him to slow things downs. Could one theorize he would be implying Snyder to back off?

According to Levin: “Michigan Right to Work” It’s an assault on their rights to have elected bargaining agents negotiate their pay, benefits and working condition, and to have all who benefit from such negotiations share in some way in the cost of obtaining them.

Let’s talk about an assault on our rights, let talk about a bill that was shoved down our throats in 2010. This bill was known as the “Affordable Health Care Bill.”

Do you remember the creature from Jackal Island once house speaker (Nancy Pelosi) screaming at the top of her lungs, (now dethroned by John Boehner), don’t worry what’s in the bill we have to pass it first, and then we can read it later. What?

December 11, 2012 marked a great victory for the people of Michigan. The constitutional of the United States is alive and well. “This is about freedom, fairness equality,” House Speaker Jase Bolger said during floor debate. These are basic American rights – rights that should unite us.”

Michigan will now join 23 other states with the right-to-work laws, which ban requirement that nonunion employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other services.

After the vote he (Bolger) said, Michigan’s future “has never been brighter, because workers are free.” Free from what you may ask? Free from union dues that go to powerful union bosses. Freedom that will stop financing the Democrat Party and the likes of Barrack Hussein Obama; whose agenda is to unionize every living thing in the name of the union (Marxism).

Two members of the Michigan Legislature; Tom Casperson from Escanaba and Ed McBroom of Vulcan has been promoted to the Rhino club on 12/11/12. This is an elite group of Republicans that have caved into Democratic philosophy.

McBroom and Casperson cast a no vote for “Michigan Right to Work.” It’s obvious that Casperson and McBroom have the union’s interest at heart and to heck with the 95 percent of us that are non-union. After all, 2014 is not that far off and they need votes (union votes) to get back in. They will not be getting my vote.

I have been a union paying member for years and I’m sick and tired of seeing my union dues going to the likes of Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party that has been destroying my freedom of religion, my free speech, and my Second Amendment rights.

A U.N. treaty on small arms is scheduled this March 2013. This arms treaty is nothing short of arms control on the semi-auto rifles. If this tyrannical movement ignites, it will spark a new civil war that will give the arms race a new meaning to the Second Amendment.

One thing is certain; unions are fading off faster than the dinosaur. Their presence has divided this nation into the haves and have-nots. The union is on a collision course of change that will ultimately eliminate their purpose once and for all.

All that will remain are the skeletons of a dying movement that once controlled our politicians and its union paying membership. The movement will go to the grave with Jimmy Hoffa, as historians will recall.

This shift in policy will bring companies and jobs to Michigan that was once the thriving engine to Michigan’s prosperity and affluence to this great state known as “Pure Michigan.”

Karl Ben Weber

Sagola Township