So what’s the answer?


Years ago American Motors Corporation, the car company that built fuel efficient cars had the highest labor rate and could not get profitable.

AMC at that time was $19 per man-hour, Chrysler $15, Ford $12 and GM $9. The UAW could get AMC to agree to their demands because AMC had one factory.

Strike it and production would stop. GM on the other hand would just build at other locations and the United Auto Worker’s (UAW) check book balance could not afford to pay that many striking members.

According to briefing materials prepared by General Motors, “The total of both cash compensation and benefits provided to GM hourly workers in 2006 amounted to approximately $73.26 per active hour worked.” Now you know why the prices of vehicles are so high.

Another story about a company who could not handle the fact of union wages. The A&P in Iron Mountain shut down when the Teamsters organized the butchers and soon thereafter the A&P closed. My dad lost his job when he was just 55 years old, now who wants to hire an old man? The A&P operated at 1 percent profit. Disturb that profit margin and the A&P could not stay profitable.

What does the union offer now? The government has OSHA to protect the worker. The union offers higher wages and alluring pensions. The union brings the good worker down and the bad worker up. No incentive for the good worker to perform because merit pay is not part of union thinking.

Did a poor man ever sign your paycheck? Union bosses get their paycheck from the working people (the poor man), the dues payers, it’s called check off. Do corporations pay taxes?

They have to pass it on in the price of their product or service. Who buys the stuff, the poor man. A prudent man uses tax deductions and will write-off much income that won’t be taxed. So what’s the answer? Rich men sign payroll checks, not labor unions.

Am I a Republican? No, I’m just conservative. Not right wing conservative like the KKK. God comes first, then Pro-life, traditional marriage and then country.

Gary Proudfit

Iron Mountain