LaPoint leads Bay Port softball

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Sydney LaPoint, part of a team effort that brought Bay Port High School softball to conference and state honors, turned in another outstanding ...

Long season predicted for Chips

ScuttleBu(r)t ... Central Michigan University, despite the addition of offensive coordinator Chris Ostrowsky, will finish last in the MAC’s ...

Americans and guns: It’s complicated

ATLANTA (AP) — Americans have long had a complex relationship with guns. Now, a new study shows that the country’s deep political divide is reflected in ...

Discarded kitten was purrfect pet

Does anyone remember the box with a black mother cat and a bunch of tiny black kittens found near Sagola back in July 2000, duct-taped in a box and thrown in a ditch ...

Be aware of what can incite

Former judge opposes granting Alsteens parole

Bad idea to allow ORVs on Kingsford streets

Tick Pick CEO did right thing to handle PR mess

Golden K awards scholarships

Suicide prevention program presented at Golden K meeting

Do you support the Senate GOP’s proposed legislation to replace the Obama health care plan?