Retirement wishes

Marsha Nurmela celebrated her retirement with the children from Woodland Child Care Center recently with a special cake. Nurmela worked at the ...

Wants SD chip from camera back

EDITOR: On Friday afternoon, Nov. 25, I didn’t hunt on my stand in Florence County, Road D. When I went there Saturday morning, my trail camera was gone. The ...

Working class should be wary of GOP overtures

Lack of courtesy to job applicants

‘A day that defined America’

Seventy-five years later, most of the witnesses are no longer with us, but the legacy of the men and women who defended Pearl Harbor on the day of infamy will always ...

Obamacare keeps costing Michigan

Giving away taxpayer cash for jobs dicey

Paul Koepp

FLORENCE, Wis. — Paul Robert Koepp, 69, of Florence, passed peacefully from this life to his eternal home in heaven on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, at his home with his ...

Norma Person

George Tinti

Are you pleased with the court decision halting the presidential election recount in Michigan?